Smart marketing planning software that supports you to access the right marketing plan for your industry and needs, right now.

Select from the range of ready-made best practice plans

Access best practice strategies for your industry already laid out in a marketing plan, ready for you to take and use.


Purchase an affordable best practice plan and receive one month complimentary access to all features of Pro, including the ability to edit and tailor your plan, create unlimited new plans, customize the style, access ideas and resources, and track progress against your targets.


Create your own new marketing plans with the Wizard

Let the dynamic Marketing Plan Wizard guide you to build your own marketing plans.


While you complete 10 easy steps, the wizard ensures a strategic and tailored marketing plan is being built behind the scenes, resulting in an effective plan that's right for you or your client. These can be duplicated for future streamlined use.


Find great new ideas for your marketing

Be inspired by new ideas to learn about and try in your marketing now and in the future.


Access over 160 marketing ideas and their uses to consider and include in your plans, offering fresh inspiration and a chance to build your marketing knowledge*.


Produce plans that match your style or brand

Change the look of your marketing plans to suit your style or brand.


Use the Style Customizer to change fonts, insert graphics and more, to ensure the look of your marketing plan is the way you want it, or is consistent with your client's brand.


Find out what's working and what's not

Keep track of your progress against targets, to learn, and refine your marketing.


Use the Marketing Tracker* to keep an eye on which marketing activities are having the best impact so you can refine them as needed. Look back anytime, and forecast for the future.


*Feature available with any purchase.


Ensure you do the best for your clients

Produce winning marketing plans for clients in a streamlined manner.


If you provide communication advice and services to clients, MyMarketingMate is perfect for easily producing strategic and tailored marketing plans for them to set a strong foundation for your relationship, provide a clear rationale for your services, and save you time.


Are you ready to start achieving more with your marketing?