4 Key Reasons Why it's Marketing Plan or Bust

Trying to engage with an audience without a marketing plan is like walking around a new house at night with the lights out. It's going to be slow and you are unlikely to be able to find anyone easily, or know what to do with them even if you do.

Marketing planning may seem like another admin task that needs to happen in the very little spare time you have, but what if you realised your growth and survival depended on it?

Marketing blindly will cost you much more

Why have a marketing plan?

There's a lot to be said for intuition and it still plays an important role in your business or organization, but you can't rely on it alone. Making marketing decisions without having gone through the planning process to cover all bases and get focused, will end up costing you much more than taking some time to plan it out right.

The reason is that it's unlikely you will be targeting an identified audience efficiently. Rather, you will be casting a much wider net than needed, or not throwing it in the right place at all. Over time this is costly and can affect the success of what you're doing.

Having a plan allows you to keep check on how well it's working for you

Track your marketing

Once you have a Marketing Plan in place with a defined objective and a set of goals, you have something real and measurable to check up on. The guess work has been reduced dramatically, as you know what you set out to achieve, to whom you were going to engage with and how you were going to go about it. The proof will be clear for you to see whether you've made the right choices, and you can tweak and adjust your marketing efforts if needed then watch again for an improvement.

All of this contributes to your ongoing growth and survival, as you can be at the ready to make changes if your current marketing efforts are not having the desired effect.

Marketing plans help your brand grow stronger by the day

Strong brand

Your brand exists in the minds of your audiences, not on your website or other marketing materials. Your audience builds their perception of you and their expectation of your offering, based on the things they see, hear and otherwise experience in their interactions with or about you. If you're in control of all of these elements and are consistent with how you present them, you are more likely to achieve the right perception and expectation in your audiences' minds, and will continue to strengthen that over time.

Marketing planning requires you to consider your brand and to be consistent in all that you say and do when engaging with your audience, thus ensuring your brand's ongoing clarity and strength. A strong and clear brand means a healthy business or organization.

Marketing planning focuses your thoughts and motivates you

marketing for motivation

Even if marketing planning did nothing else, there is a huge benefit to you in becoming focused and motivated thanks to what you think about, realize and decide as you go through the process. It's not uncommon for people who don't even have a business yet to walk through the marketing planning process just to gain some clarity on what they're going to do when they actually have something ready to promote.

With clear focus and fresh motivation your business or organization is bound to benefit, and keep moving in a positive direction.

Without a marketing plan it's highly unlikely you will do as well as you could with your offering, and sadly many businesses fail when they lack the focus and control a marketing plan can bring.

Marketing Mate is passionate about helping anyone with a great offering to make the most of it. You've put your heart and soul into it and you know others can benefit from it. Why not give it the best chance for success!