Why a Video can be One of your Best Marketing Tools


Did you know that people prefer to watch an interesting video or look at great images more than reading about something? It’s less taxing on the brain, and feels like entertainment rather than work. It’s also far more memorable as that part of our brain stores and recalls imagery far easier than the words we read and the interpretations our minds put on those words. It’s a brain filing thing, ya know?

This brings me to a very revealing videoproviding simple statistics from YouTube's experiences throughout 2015. The video is fun to watch, easy to understand, includes lots of ‘Wow!’ moments, and reveals things you would never have assumed about YouTube and the effectiveness of videos when doing your marketing.

Take a look at it via this Pin on one of Marketing Mate's Pinterest Boards.

Marketing Mate is on board with this idea and created our very own promotional video which is quick, fun to watch and helps our audiences understand what we’re all about in a visual way. It was free to produce and very quick to make, thanks to the Adobe Voice (now Spark) free app.

Adobe Voice free app great for marketing videos

If you don’t have your own images you can choose from thousands of icons and images within the app. The background music can be your own, or you can choose from a large number of perfect background tunes to help illustrate your video and give it the right mood.

You’ll be so proud of what you create, and your audience will feel closer to you. And did I mention it's FREE?!

Have a go at making your own video and seriously consider including a video you can make available on your website, on YouTube, and be viewed and shared on Facebook and other social media platforms that are consumed by your audience.